Quintones - When my sugar walks down the street download music

Vocalion master WM WM 1078-1, rec. New York, September 5 1939 ca.
Patti Davis, Irving Deutsch, Murray Deutsch, Lloyd Hundling, and Al Lane voc with an instumental combo conducted by Buck Ram.
Buck Ram is maybe best remebered today as the impressario and main composer of the Platters and their mega-hit "Only You". But even earlier he was to be reckoned with: This group was his first effort. Although Buck Ram later mainly worked with black groups, of which one even was called "QuinTones", too, this obviously was a white quintet, styled after the Modernaires, with a decidedly modern edge hinting to Be-Bop. The backing group was first-class, too, and likely included big names such as Buck Clayton tp, Lee Burness p, Walter Page bs, and Jo Jones d; it is known that Benny Carter was present for at least one of the group's sessions, but the saxophone here does not sound like him to me - although I do not consider myself to be an expert. In fact, very little information about the group is available. Hundling died in a car crash in 1941, but who replaced him is not known. The Quintones' records were of high quality musically, but did not sell in considerable quantities, and I assume that when the singers made their last recordings for MGM in the early 1950s Ram was no longer present.